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Ugly Facts: The latest Code Ugly design is under way. The previous design was round about revision 5. The one before it was the original, and several never released revisions, including one in Ruby on Rails were never released. This marks revision 9.
Code Ugly has temporarily scaled back. As is either evident or incriminating to the right, I have made many attempts at improving artistically. Next, I think I'll learn how to market this stuff. :)
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A new blog is slowly being rolled. The old posts are still available via direct links if you have them bookmarked. The plan is to get the database set up and import a lot of the old data.
Welcome to the new and improved Code Ugly .com where all you dreams will come true and all you house animals will smell better.
Code Ugly uses HTML5. For best results use an HTML5 enabled web browser. There are several freely available depending on your platform. Here is a fun link to see how well you browser support HTML5. The HTML5 Test